We at Challenger Auto Parts Pty Ltd have always been on top of the industry with our quality of parts Australia wide . We assure you the best price along with the best quality. Our experience in the Auto Parts Industry and Stock of Auto Parts will definitely help you to get the best value for money. Our friendly Staff can guide you to select the right auto parts for any of your requirements and get you back on the road Fast! Our motto is "We are the challenger and no one can beat our price or quality" !!!

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Challenger autoparts has over 1000 engines and transmissions in stocks at all times. Whether it is for your family car, extreme Drift or Drag car you will easily find it at Challenger autoparts . All engines in stocks have been compression tested and Run to give our customers confidence of purchase . We also have all the accessories you need for your engine. Please read our warranty on all engine and transmission for complete satisfaction!


Mr Aria and his family started back in 1991 the owner of Challenger Auto Parts Pty Ltd has been auto parts industry for over 25 years proudly Australia owned . We export auto parts to Worldwide Wide markets since 2000 . We buy direct from Insurance companies,local markets and from domestic auctions too. We Export Used Salvage cars trucks buses Machanery and plant equipment from All Australian ports.


Challenger Auto Parts Pty Ltd is the leading exporter of Japanese and European used cars and used auto parts . Apart from that We have exported containers and used cars worldwide at very competitive price comparing to Japan, Germany and US markets. Quality of our parts match with world standards. Our staff and management speak many languages English, Dari,Farsi, Arabic, Hindi and Tamil. We can also arrange invitations.

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Order your container today for over 1000 petrol and diesel engines and over 150 cars ready to be exported. Machinery on order.


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